Her Hair Care

Take care of your hair


First, gently use a detangler brush on the hair to remove any tangles, we recommend co-washing the hair first. Co-washing is a conitioner wash before using shampoo. PLEASE USE SALON PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS for long lasting care.

TIP: Apply hair spray as Lubricant to aid brushing and easy removal of any tangles.


Fill the sink with about 2 quarts of cool water. Never use hot water, as this could relax the curl that was set into the hair during the manufacturing process. Pour about 2 capfuls of shampoo into the water and then submerge the hair. When the hair is fully wet, swish it around for about a minute and then let soak for about another minute.

TIP: Leave the hair to soak in the shampoo and water for 5 minutes before washing. This will loosen any stubborn debris and require less rubbing friction. Repeat the washing process if you feel that the first wash has not fully cleansed the hair.


Remove the hair and rinse in cold water until no suds remain. Then place the hair on a bath towel to completely dry overnight, or you may place it on a folding hair stand, which will speed up the drying process. It is all right to blot the hair with a towel, but don’t twist the hair or ring it out. You can use your fingers to gently separate and arrange the strands as the hair is drying, but don’t try to comb or brush the hair while still wet. The hair could be stretched to the breaking point.

TIP: Always rinse the shampoo off with the water flowing in the direction of the hair. Lightly spray conditioner onto the hair after towel drying to aid later brushing and to return oils lost through the washing procedure. After it air dries, or blow dries – style as usual.