Her Story

Hair prescribed just for her!

Her Hair Rx was established in 2014, the DNA of the brand was centered around HER, the bald and beautiful and for the curly and coily. These two markets were completely ignored and looked upon as undesirable. For the hairless, the bald beauties there were no wigs that were made to fit her head properly without using tight bands and harsh glues that can be irritable to the scalp and for the curly and coily girls there were no textures that resemble their own.

It became a dream to a real reality to break down barriers of the beauty industry who set standards that the bald beauties and natural beauties of the world were facing lack of good fitting hair and lack of textured hair and forced to wear straight hair and not allowed to celebrate their Wear hair. Wearing Hair for her is a lifestyle, not an option. Whether you are hairless or have hair we have the perfect hair option for you. All of our hair represents the many various textures of ethnic hair and for our bald beauties, our caps are specially designed with silicone panels around the back and sides for an ultra-perfect fit and come in all sizes from xxs, xs, s, and m. Our unique patent cap design is to ensure a perfect fit that does not require any glue, tape or harsh adhesives.

Our hair is 100% unprocessed you can color it, blow it out, curl it, twist it, wave it, or straighten it if you want to be versatile. What is great hair without a great fit? Truth is good hair is hard to find but what’s even harder to find is a great fit. We mastered it, great hair and the perfect hair and the perfect fit. Bottom line is our hair is prescribed just for her.