Scrilla Season 3
Money Malc


  1. Intro
  2. Scrilla Season
  3. This Is Why I Ball
  4. I Still Be In The Hood
  5. Jerusalem Featuring Wyclef
  6. Im Fresh
  7. Real Nigga 2Nite
  8. Interlude
  9. Big Wheels
  10. Malc Speaks
  11. Aint Gangsta Remix Featuring Scrilla Squad
  12. I Came Up Featuring Sam Scarfo and Straps
  13. Back To The Action Featuring Geez
  14. In The Summer featuring Melky Jean
  15. Stay With Me Featuring Jacquellina
  16. Life Of A G Featuring Rado Da Boss
  17. Outro

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After hitting you with two previous features, the time is now for Scrilla Season 3. Hosted by Mick Boogie, consider this mixtape to be “Money Malc 101.” For the courses to follow, I’ve heard bits & pieces but I took a blood oath. All I can tell is that they will be major. For now, get familiar with Scrilla Season 3. It’s much grittier than what’s to follow but just as melodic and worth a listen. Street cinema ladies & gents. Enjoy