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Victoria’s Kitchen is a family and community focused eatery that has mastered the art of fresh soulful cooking. Once you taste it, perhaps it will bring to mind nostalgic days in your mother’s or grandmother’s kitchen; memories of those wonderful smells and tastes of home.
Things here are done the old fashioned way. We don’t use can openers or microwave ovens. All of our ingredients are high quality. We care about what goes into the food and how it was raised, fed, killed and processed.

Our cozy restaurant has a homey feel. At times we mix children’s art projects with food photos on the wall, and our TV’s usually have an old movie or the food channel. Oh. And sports, too! We have  sports on TV sometimes!

“What better way is there to show your love to people, than to feed them?”
~Victoria Tyson

The origins and inspiration for food here at Victoria’s Kitchen is rooted in culture and soul food tradition, but with some innovative, unique and healthful twists. One thing we never change is quality. We believe in the idea that food needs to be cooked fresh every day. Food is not meant to be “preserved” so we make every dish from scratch daily.

Come for a visit to this casual, comfortable, cozy eatery located in the heart of West Oak Lane, UPTOWN PHILLY. We serve the community the freshest mouth-watering swanky soulful delicacies that will keep you coming back to relive the experience again and again.

Folks say that our food incites conversation, generates bonds, and brings people together. Kind of like the way our mothers and grandmothers kitchens used to be.

Food, Love and Happiness is our motto. Stop by and see us! You’ll enjoy our hospitality! You’ll love our food!


Life is endlessly delicious!

Victoria and Kevin Tyson


Victoria’s Kitchen

Restaurant and Catering

7304 Ogontz Avenue

Philadelphia, PA  19138


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